FETISH Subculture Documentary on Dec7 14

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There are a lot of perceptions about fetishism. FETISH Subculture Documentary hope to demystify fetishism by using the fetish community’s point of view. FETISH Subculture Documentary is the first medium-length film (48 minutes) by Carl Simard and Carole Gagnon. Their work spans three years, during which they filmed at 27 events and interviewed 19 people, […]

Panda Sexpress by Steve Diet Goedde on Apr21 13

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“Panda Sexpress” by Steve Diet Goedde from stevedietgoedde on Vimeo.

Alex3D – Latex Porn in 3D on Jan19 13

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Alex3D – Latex Porn in 3D

AlexD has launched a new generation of latex movies available in various popular 3D formats such as Stereoscopic FULL HD-3D and Anaglyph 3D. Where Stereoscopic 3D images requires both an 3D compatible screen with 3D special glasses, all you need to view Anaglyph images are the classic red/cyan glasses. Anaglyph images generated from the original […]

Latex Photography Tutorials on Nov16 12

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Michael from SmokingStrobes.com has some excellent videos explaining how to improve the lighting when doing latex photography. Check them out here and get a much better understanding of light and latex:

Marie Tomeoki Talks About Latex Fashions on Mar22 12

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Marie Tomeoki is a contemporary visual fine artist born in Tokyo, Japan, currently living and working in Toronto, Canada… and she has a passion for latex! On Marie’s YouTube Channel you will find her talking about latex fashions, the materials and reviewing different latex garments. I really like Maire’s down to earth approach to wearing […]

Rubber Bordello – A New Approach to Fetish Films on Feb23 12

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Written and directed by Soma Snakeoil, Rubber Bordello is a sepia toned, fetish film in the classic style of old Hollywood silent movies. It seamlessly blends the glamour and humor of a bygone era with rubber clad, tattooed actors indulging in hardcore BDSM play and fetishized sex. Featuring talented fetish performers displaying the dramatic acting […]

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