Vex Clothing Launch New Online Store

by 3xL | ˜ No Comments » on Aug22 13
Vex Clothing Launch New Online Store

Vex Clothing has just launched a brand new website featuring a brand new shopping cart with a easy checkout, better shipping options and cool feature that ensures costumers revives tracking information with the progression of their orders by email. We wish Vex Clothing congrats with the new website!

Gumique – Latex Hood Heaven is a Place on Earth

by SpikeyO | ˜ 2 Comments » on Apr24 13
Gumique – Latex Hood Heaven is a Place on Earth

He was getting married in the morning. Was he pressing his suit…? No. Was he checking he had the rings…? No. Was he rehearsing his speech…? No. Was he out with the proverbial “boys” on his stag night at a lap dancing club or rampaging through the streets wearing a traffic cone on his head…? […]

World’s First Rubber Sling

by 3xL | ˜ 4 Comments » on Jun28 11
World’s First Rubber Sling

Jens Vogt, the owner of Demask Dortmund / SeriousToys STS, has created World’s first rubber Sling. Jens explains “Until now high quality Slings were always made of leather. On the one hand I don’t like leather as much as I adore rubber, but on the other hand leather is not as suitable for building slings […]

Rubber Life – is Live

by 3xL | ˜ 2 Comments » on Jan20 11

I’m proud to announce that my ebook “Rubber Life” has been released! I’m so excited! Reviews: Violet Blue writes: Rubber Life is the one book on latex and rubber to read. It goes on my permanent recommendation list. The Fetishistas writes: Rubber Life does largely live up to its cover-page blurb’s claim to be the […]

rubber life ebook

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