Interview with William Wilde on Mar8 13

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Interview with William Wilde

William Wilde is a London based designer and costumier who creates exquisite hand-made latex fashions. William was passionate about fashion and costume from an early age; after graduating from the University of Westminster Wilde has specialised as a latex designer, bespoke Bridal wear cutter and now costume designer at The Box nightclub, Soho. His first […]

Amatoris Latex-Couture on Oct17 11

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Amatoris Latex-Couture

Amatoris Latex-Couture offer a multitude of extravagant latex-couture, professional designed and hand-crafted. From ladies couture to men’s couture to ladies lingerie, this German latex manufacture creates both unique and seductive latex fashion designs. The outfits that really shine are Latex Lingerie Set, Burlesque Latex-Outfit and Latex Dress with corsage details and they seem to be […]

Launch of LatexEXPRESS on May26 11

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Launch of LatexEXPRESS

Leading latex fashion designers and makers Libidex have created a new name for their recently launched, popular Instant Orders service. It will now be called LatexEXPRESS, defining the service in one memorable name. To celebrate the launch of LatexEXPRESS, Libidex are having a flash sale on their website, offering customers a full 50% off this […]

Syren sues designer of Kate Perry outfits on May7 11

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Syren sues designer of Kate Perry outfits

The Stockroom Inc. (SYREN) sued Abigail Greydanus in Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday. The Stockroom Inc. claim that Greydanus has stolen, used and distributed some of their latex designs for the latex that she created for Kate Perry. The company is seeking an injunction blocking Greydanus from selling latex clothing and costumes. Press release […]

Awesome Latex Designers – Suck at Web Design on Sep27 10

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Awesome Latex Designers – Suck at Web Design

This post is dedicated to all latex designers that suck at web design, but make awesome latex clothing! Just because your website looks totally 1993, doesn’t mean that it can’t be featured here on Lust, Love & Latex! So with no further delay, give it up for these amazing latex designers: Cocoon A+B Latex Please […]

Who’s Who on on Jul25 10

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Who’s Who on is a relatively new (founded in ’05)  e-commerce community where one can buy and sell all sorts of handmade items, from garments to home furnishings to original artwork. Their motto is “buy, sell, and live handmade.” Good thing for us, they seem to be fetish-friendly. Recently, there’s been an upsurge of upstart and established latex designers […]

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