Steve Diet Goedde Vegas Show on Jan22 11

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Steve Diet Goedde Vegas Show

Internationally acclaimed and award winning photographer Steve Diet Goedde is doing an exciting art exhibition in Las Vegas at the Sin City Gallery. Encompassing elements of fetish, fashion and classic Hollywood intrigue, Goedde’s “Dream Menagerie” promises a dreamy look into the world of modern glamour photography. An artist reception for Steve Diet Goedde is to […]

Interview with Jade Vixen on Sep29 10

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Interview with Jade Vixen

Chances are that you already know Jade Vixen! She worked with the worlds top fetish photographers, been featured in numerous fetish magazine and modelled latex fashions from every latex designer out there. I meet up with the Jade during this years Fetish Evolution weekend, where I asked her for a interview, but I got more […]

Photography by Barbara Nitke on May12 10

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Photography by Barbara Nitke

Barbara Nitke is an NYC-based fine art photographer most known for documenting  undergroud sexual lifestyles and adult movie film sets (both fetish and ‘nilla). The photograph of the rubber-clad woman above comes from one of her current portfolios. Visit Barbara’s blog for some wonderful behind the scenes photos and for photoshoot credits. If you’ll be in the […]

Latex Fetish Photography on Apr11 10

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Latex Fetish Photography

As you might know, I have been working on becoming a more skilled fetish photographer and improving the quality of my photos. This January, I joined a amateur photography club and now have a place where I can talk to like minded photographers, learn new techniques and maybe the best thing… access to a photo […]

Hard to sell? Just add latex! on Mar26 10

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Hard to sell? Just add latex!

Notice how the mainstream use latex clothing to promote and sell a huge variety of products, from muscle cars to Lady Gaga! And latest product that can be added to the list is… believe it or not… furniture! Take a look at the spring catalogue of the Scandinavian furniture giant ILVA. It’s Marla Rutherford‘s iconic […]

Nylon Girls by Christine Kessler on Jan23 10

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Nylon Girls by Christine Kessler

I have been so lucky to get my hands on a copy of Christine Kessler’s new photography book named “Nylon Girls” – featuring some of the hottest fetish models from around the world posing in stockings and pantyhoses. This may sound a little boring for a latex fetishist, but fear not, there are also models […]

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