Revolutionizing Latex Kickstarter by Sasha Louise

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Sasha Louise, a British fashion designer, emerging from the talent pool of London College of Fashion, is currently trying to fund her latex fashions with a Kickstarter campaign. Sasha, who stands of the tight rope between high fashion and fetish, has a fresh approach to latex as a fabric, and her own desire for wearable, everyday clothing.

Currently developing a new womenswear collection as well as her first ever menswear collection, Sasha hope to launch them at London Fashion Week. Therefor she is asking for a minimum of £5,000 to complete the two new collections, shoot, print and distribute a look book and pay for showroom space at London Fashion Week.

To learn more about Sasha and how to support her latex fashions, please visit the Kickstarter campaign page

The Return of Lust Love Latex

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3xL-latexI have, as some of you already noticed, started blogging again on a regular basis and also updated the blog design with a fresh new look. This is all a part of the revival of the 3xL blog and my return to the rubber realm.

When Latex Kitty and I became parents almost two years ago, my blogging became more and more sporadic and came to a hold during the fall of 2014. The reason for this was that our little daughter developed an eating disorder and was hardly sleeping, serious issues that we had to get professional help with to solve and that we are still working to resolve on a daily basis. It’s been really hard, but things are slowly getting better.

I want to reclaim my blog and own it again. I strongly believe that my blog needs to be personal, caring and full of insights. My readers should be able to see themselves and learn from my experiences, like they used to when I first started blogging. I want to dive into serious issues that every latex fetishist can relate to and choose not to care about which celebrity is currently wearing Atsuko Kudo’s latex design.

I wish to continue to support the fetish community. I believe it’s important to support those who strive to make our fetish world a better place. This goes for both the established ones, but also newcomers and especially the ones in my local community. I will continue to feature interviews with latex designers, fetish models and other people who inspire me, people who live the fetish lifestyle and contribute to the fetish community.

It’s my hope that this post gave you an idea of why I stopped updating and what exciting plans I have for my blog in the future. I would be grateful if you would leave a comment and tell me what kind of themes you would like to read about here on the 3xL blog? Feel free to contact me via email, Twitter or FetLife, if you just want to say hi or have a latex fetish tip for me. Thank you for your support.

Oslo Fetish Weekend

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Oslo-Fetish-WeekendFinally Norway hosts its very own Fetish Weekend! Oslo Fetish Weekend will take place in Oslo Friday, May 8 through Sunday, May 10, 2015, where the Norwegian capital will welcome you to three days of kinky, fetish delights with international guests – Midori, Hellkitty & Kalyss Mercury.

Meet, party, and play with local and global fetish enthusiasts through this weekend that will feature ten events over these three days, starting with a chilled Meet and Greet on Friday night.

Oslo Fetish Weekend tempt you further with workshops, topped with the highlight of the weekend “The Red Room Ball” Saturday night, where everybody dress up in their finest for an unforgettable kinky night!

Complete program of events and weekend details at

Interview with Yummy Gummy Latex

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Latex-6sYummy Gummy, located in Bedfordshire, UK, is a specialist when it comes to unique, colorful, shiny and innovative latex sheeting. The company has been around since late 2013 and is the place to go to if your latex sheeting needs are out of the ordinary.

Rebecca who runs Yummy Gummy is a young passionate latex lover and her unique products have already been used by latex designers such as Adala Clothing, Dawnamatrix, Lady Allura’s Latex, Phoenix Designs, Spanky Latex and Fantastic Rubber.

I hope that my interview with Rebecca will give you a fantastic insight into who Yummy Gummy is and what they do.

3xL: Tell us a little about yourself and your first latex experience?

Rebecca: I’m Rebecca, nice to meet you. :) It was at a photoshoot where I first tried it on. It was a neck entry body suit which was very very tight and very small. I pulled it up to my knees and that’s where it stopped, after a bit of help from a friend I finally got it on. I don’t really remember what I felt, it was too small in the waist, but the pictures turned out great in the end. It took a while after before I started getting the hankering to wear it again. When I was first introduced to the fabric I didn’t think much to it at all, it was all floppy and not very interesting, but after seeing pictures, making my own sheet and actually wearing it in clothing form, I fell in love and love how it makes me feel and look.

LATEX3194N3xL: How did you get into making latex sheets?

Rebecca: At one of said photoshoots the photographer used to run a sheet latex company before the recession hit and wiped out the business. He was kind enough to sell me his remaining liquid latex and teach me how to make it properly, basically giving me my livelyhood. I owe a lot to him, without him teaching me, the world of latex would be a lot less colourful. He originally taught me so I could just play about with it myself and make my own little pieces but then he said that he was still getting old customers asking him for the printed sheets he used to make. So I made a few sheets, took them to a fetish market and the latex designers there were very keen, the rest went on from there.

3xL: Did it take long to master the process?

Rebecca: I’m still working on it. I don’t use machines so its finding the most reliable way to make it by hand. I can make better than when I started two years ago but the process is still the same. Each pattern and new customer order pushes me to try out different techniques to get the desired effect. Its nice to constantly be challenged.

Latex-1s3xL: Which of your latex sheets design are you must proud of?

Rebecca: I don’t think I have one. I don’t think proud is the right way to describe how I feel about my sheets. I’ll love then when I’ve made them and some I keep for myself because they took a long time to make or I can’t bear to part with them, but I’m always working on new techniques and trying to find ways of making new designs so I’m always moving on quickly. I’m more proud of seeing people wearing my latex and what other designers make with it and thinking ” I made that”. Or looking at my clothing collection that I designed myself, changing peoples mind on latex and having customers confidence boosted when they put on a dress I designed. That’s when I feel proud of what I have made and achieved.

3xL: What inspires you to design new latex sheets?

Rebecca: Colours! I love colours. I’ll see some splatters together and think that looks cool. My customers are a constant source of inspiration. They send me pictures to recreate in latex, or I’ll see a pattern somewhere and want to recreate it in latex, that’s where the new latex designs come from. At the moment I’m working on glitter and potentially latex with writing on.

LATEX3229N3xL: Who are your typical clients and why do they come to you?

Rebecca: Generally latex designers looking for something new. Sometimes they’ve been pushed towards me by a customer, but more often than not they are excited that they can finally get a bit of colour and something stand out and unique in their collection. I’ve had the occasional enthusiast home maker that have been inspired to make something. When I’m lucky I get the international fetish designers popping in and that’s always exciting. I’m hoping to get to the stage where everyone knows I exist. That way when they’ve decided what pattern they want, they know where to come.

3xL: I hear that you travel a lot, business or pleasure?

Rebecca: I go to Germany twice a year for the German Fetish Ball in Berlin and Fetish Evolution in Essen. It’s always work, I can’t afford to take holidays, when I decide I’m going to take a mini break I’ll get a rush order the day I’m leaving. I can’t not be there for my customers. Thankfully I love markets and the people there so it never really feels like work. I love nothing more than playing dress up with customers or taking someones latex virginity. ;)

Latex5s3xL: What fetish event is your personal favorite and why?

Rebecca: The BBB, Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar. It’s the market I go to every month. Everyone is lovely and there is lots to shop around. It was the first market and they took a risk in letting a latex sheet designer have a stall. Since then I’ve grown in to a clothing company which is much more approachable for everyone else that can’t make latex clothing.

3xL: You also have your own latex clothing line, can you tell us about it?

Rebecca: It’s something I’m particularly proud of. I spent a long time on the patterns for each item, getting it to fit just right and support and enhance all the areas that require it. Its resulted in a collection of clothes that is ready to wear but fits all the sizes perfectly. I haven’t just been satisfied with “thats close enough” I’ve driven my manufactures mad with constant remaking of dresses until I’m happy and it fits just the way I want it to. I picked 3 main colours that I felt made it approachable for anyone wanting to try latex for the first time or integrate it in to their existing wardrobe but it can be made in any colours the customer can imagine. I’ve now introduced two new colours, purple, black and silver marble, and a black rainbow glitter, I’m thinking for next year I might introduce a green marble and maybe some neon.

Latex-2s3xL: Do you have any plans to expand on your mens line?

Rebecca: I would love to add trousers and maybe hoodies to my range. Its mainly a case of space on my stall that limits me. The mens shirts I do come in three colours. I resell Latex 101 mens clothes so if anyone wanted something that wasn’t a plain mens shirt they could just look towards what latex 101 offer and order it through me in the colours they would like. Being female it is easier for me to visualise what women want to wear and buy. I’m sure as time goes on I’ll get a better feel for what the men are after.

3xL: Any plans for the future that you wish to share with us?

Rebecca: Potentially a printed latex that doesn’t rub off, a lace collection, harnesses, and more glitter! Oh and World Domination. :)

3xL: Thanks for your time!

Rebecca: Its been a pleasure.

Be sure to visit where you can find both Yummy Gummy latex sheeting and latex wear.

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