Letter from the Latex Queen… Bianca Beauchamp! on Jan30 03

I just received the following speech by email from Bianca. I didn’t even have to tell her she won. She emailed me within 12 hours. Like a true Internet entrepreneur, Bianca clearly has her connections and knows what is happing in the rubber community.

    Hi 3xl!
    I was very surprised recently to hear on my forum from one of my regular visitor that you were holding a poll on who’s the Rubber Diva of the internet. I learned about it when the poll was almost over, and I was even more surprised to see I was leading the votes. And now that it’s officially over, it seems I got the majority and you’re asking for a little speech, if I choose to accept the award. :-) But I do dear, I do.

    But seriously, in all simplicity and modesty, I just want to thank everyone who believes in me and in all the work Martin and I are doing. When I started to pose in latex 7 years ago, never did I think that one day I would get such recognition as to be called a “Latex Diva”. ;-) Or, as Whiplash (Canada’s Fetish magazine) called me, “Canada’s Latex Queen”.! It is very flattering to say the least. But in retrospect, I’m just really glad you enjoy our photography. I hope to continue to pose for a long time, and hope you will follow me in my latex universe during my adventure. I’m in it for the long run!

    I will take the results of this poll as a big thank you from the fans. Let me return the favor by thanking you very much for your support which has been so essential to me over the years.

    Lots of rubber kisses,

Thank you so much, Bianca! I’m sure that all your fans will pay their respect and visit your wonderful Latexlair for many years ahead!

Well folks! That’s concludes the “Fight of the Rubber Divas!” for 2003″. All there is left is to say is; please keep visiting my web site for updates on my journeys into the rubber realm and more great polls!

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And the Queen of the Rubber Divas are… Bianca Beauchamp! on Jan29 03

The poll officially ended today when the number of votes reached “100” after only 7 days! It reached “122” before I had a chance to take it down! In the table to the right you can see the final vote count for all the nominated divas.

I was told that I missed two other lovely rubber divas: Eva and Lady Pascal. But I don’t believe that any of them would have any influence on the three top divas.

Rubber Diva: Votes: Percent:
Bianca Beauchamp 49 40%
Natalia 32 26%
Dita Von Teese 14 11%
Elizabeth Carson 9 7%
Sandra 6 4%
Melanie Latex 4 3%
Andreea Blanke 2 1%
Tall Goddess 1 0%
Lax Liquid 0 0%
Other… 5 4%

Thanks to everyone who participated in the fight! I’m very impressed by the number of people there voted in this poll!

Congratulations, Bianca! If you choose to accept the “Queen of the Rubber Divas” title, please mail me your speech, so I can put it here…

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Fight of the Rubber Divas! on Jan22 03

There are many beautiful rubber Diva’s represented on the web:

Dita Von Teese, Elizabeth Carson, Andreea Blanke, Natalia, Lax Liquid, Melanie Latex, Bianca Beauchamp, Tall Goddess and Sandra are just some of them.

These armature girls, models and performers are so fantastic in their appearance that they almost seem unreal and untouchable!

But who is the real Rubber Queen?

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New Latex Link Section… on Jan21 03

Yesterday, I added a link section and today I added 4 new links. Please mail me if you have a rubber themed web site and wish to exchange links.

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Scandinavian Rubberist Meetup! on Jan18 03

RubberBitch & Lex, a nice Norwegian rubber couple, are trying to arrange a scandinavian rubberist meet up for 20 people near Oslo in Norway. It’s nice to see new initiatives in the scandinavian rubberist community. For more information visit the “Rubber Club Camp” website.

Good luck, RubberBitch & Lex!

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Latex Gallery Update! on Jan18 03

Just added five new latex pictures to the gallery of a online friend… It’s the beautiful latex babe: Kitty Paige!

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