To Tell… or Not to Tell

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Coming out and telling others about your fetish is an issue that most fetishists have to deal with at some point of their life. But the fear of being weird and being rejected often keep people from coming out. There are many that are hiding in their closets throughout their whole lives and never tell a soul. But the fact is – if you got a fetish, you got it for good, and it’s not likely to disappear or go away.

Reasons for telling
A fetish can be a blessing for one person and a curse for another. When I first noticed my own fetish for latex. I did not know what to make of it. I thought it was very weird and found it strange that a material like latex turned me on. I felt different and very alone. So I kept my desires and feelings to myself and hid it from everybody else. I was not proud of being a slave to my fetish. Every time I gave in and followed my lust, I had to deal with the guilt afterwards. Being what you are is not always easy.

I tried to put my fetish away and forget all about it. I threw all my fetish items out and tried to think about different things, but my fetish kept coming back to haunt my fantasies and dreams.

It took me over fifteen years to realize the obvious; my fetish is a part of who I am and that I was not alone! There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a fetish. Lots of people have them. So why not get the most out of it and share your passion with the person you love?

How to tell
In order to effectively share your passion with a non-fetishist you need to be in a state of mind where you are comfortable with your fetish. If you are not comfortable with your fetish, how can you expect your partner to be? What you need is high fetish self-esteem.
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Help, My Partner has a Fetish!

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Everything was just fine, and then, like lightning from a clear sky, your partner jumps out of the “closet” and tells you about a life long fetish and wants you to take part in it. The world turns upside down, and all your partner can talk about is this “weird” thing. You might feel sad, surprised, shocked or misled. Maybe you don’t know how to go about it, or maybe you even feel disgusted by the thought. But fear not! If you keep an open mind and try playing along, you will most likely end up with a very powerful tool that can send your partner (and yourself!) straight to heaven.

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Latex Clothing News!

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Latex by BlackStyleBlackStyle made some fabulous Bavarian shorts of latex! Perfect for a field trip in the Alps! These special shorts, was made for Frank Bug of RUBCLUB for the last Oktoberfest. They look absolutely fantastic!
Great news for those with big feets! BlackStyle’s popular toe socks are now available in size XL for shoe sizes 46-48.

Inner Sanctum is out with a new collection called “Space Kadette”. Slick futuristic dresses and uniforms, so cool that your eyes hurt!

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New Privacy Software!

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Keeping your latex photos and videos protected from friends, family and internet hackers is a difficult problem that until now has required wasting a lot of time with hidden folders and tedious encryption packages.

This hideous problem can now be solved with a sexy and fun to use application called CoupleBox. CoupleBox stores imported photos and videos in a separate area of your hard-drive so they don’t mingle with regular files. It protects this library with strong 256-bit encryption and password access. Personal photos are kept safe from prying eyes, including curious children, hackers or computer repair personnel.

A free trial and full version (US$ 19.95) are available at:

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