JOROGUMO – New Torture Garden Clothing Collection on Feb22 14

tg-jorogumo-corset-001.K-682x1024“The inspiration for the collection started with stories from Japanese folklore, it spread then to demons and legends, hence the outfits’ names.”

“There is a dark and magic side to the latex material that suits those imaginary creatures and I felt would suit our clientele as well. I loved especially the tale of Jorogumo, the spider that can change its appearance into that of a seductive woman. I wanted to experiment with capes and shapes that would suit the witch-woman I had in mind. All of it in latex rubber, naturally, and suitable for party.” says Florence Druart of Torture Garden Clothing.

JOROGUMO is an Exclusive Torture Garden Clothing Collection by Florence Druart for House of Harlot and it is available right now online or from House of Harlot’s atelier just off London’s Brick Lane.

The TG JOROGUMO CORSET is modelled by Eloise Chong. Photograph © Ester Segarra

Essential Latex – Super Flash Sale on Feb15 14

essentiallatexStylish latex shop “Essential Latex” is having a Super Flash Sale! The sales runs from now until the 22nd, midnight Eastern Standard Time, there are 25% off every item over $30, including already marked off items. Processing time from 4-6 weeks, unless otherwise requested. Be sure to check it out and remember to enter “SuperFlash” at check-out to receive your sales discount.

You will find Essential Latex at…

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Valentine’s Day Giveaway! Win a 150 Euro Gift Card to Fetish Satis Fashion! on Feb6 14

Valentines GiveawayIt’s almost Valentine’s and is there a better way to celebrate this romantic day than a giveaway of a €150 gift card to the Fetish Satis Fashion online store?

To enter this giveaway, please visit Fetish Satis Fashion online store, then come back and leave a comment to this post, telling us what you are going to order if you are the lucky winner?

Only one entry per person, please. Make more than one entry and all of your entries will be invalid.

This giveaway closes Valentine’s day, Friday February 14th 2014, at 6.00 p.m (recorded by the comment time stamp). authors and Fetish Satis Fashion employees can’t take part in this draw. integer generator will pick the winner.

The lucky latex lover will be announced right here!

And the winner is… Andi Greene!

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Meat Clothing – Latex Fashion That Transcend Fetish-wear Clichés on Jan28 14

meatclothingss2014Meat Clothing a collaborative fashion venture of London based designers Bo Claridge and Alis Pelleschi. Specialising in latex  clothing, their brand was born out of their belief that the material could transcend fetish-wear clichés. Reflecting the pair’s backgrounds as digital natives they draw from online culture, but also in their adoptions of the Internet as a presentation platform in itself.

The idea of Meat is to constantly evolve and reinvent itself with every season. The aim is that each collection should offer up not only a set of clothes, but also a set of ideas that create a worldview as key to the pieces as the fabric they are cut on.

For their Spring/Summer 14 collection, Meat Clothing present ‘Embassy‘, a collection that offers a latex twist to classic and heritage cuts and prints.

For more information please visit

List of Christmas Latex Shopping Bargains 2013 on Nov29 13

wish_you_a_nice__shiny_latex_christmas__by_theterrorcat-d5npbhoWow! Black Friday is tomorrow and Christmas is under a month away, yet again the online latex stores has some great offers and sales! I’m happy to present to you, my huge List of Christmas Latex Shopping Bargains 2013! Let the holiday latex shopping madness begin! get a nice discount on my popular latex fetish guide book - RUBBER LIFE! Use the coupon code “LATEXXMAS2013” (exp. 24. Dec.) for 25% OFF when ordering the digital versions of the book (ebook or audio book). got a 20% OFF sale for any purchases over $75 in store, runs from Black Friday to Monday night. is having a CAT SUIT SPECIAL OFFER that will last until the end of November. gives you 35% OFF all week end until Dec. 1. Use the coupon Code “VEXXO30“. has a black friday EXTRA 10% OFF until Dec. 1. has 20% OFF on underwear, shorts, tops, buttoms, suits and sports until Nov. 30.

SimonO has a special 20% SALE to all latex leggings for women. Use this link for a 20% voucher, only until 30. Nov. 2013 is doing a special sale too! Use code “WEBSITE15” before the 30th Nov. for 15% OFF. has a Spend more, Save more deal and 20% OFF on sex toys! is offering you a 25% OFF until Dec. 1. Quote “SNTA25” + SAVE 10% on Selected Catsuits and Dresses. has a “Black RUBBER Friday” with amazing deals throughout the store! Ends Dec. 1. have 20% OFF for Christmas! are running a 50% OFF christmas sale from today (29th nov) until midnight on Dec. 9th. 10% OFF on all latex clothing and accessories! Limited Time #BlackFriday offer. has a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!  All latex sheeting reduced! Sales starts 27th of Nov. and ends on the 31st of Dec. or until stock is sold out!

If you got a sale or discount that should be on this list, mail me or leave a comment!

MissOlympia Collars the Latex World on Nov25 13

IMG_5844“Here chook chook chook!” is the caption the very talented Australian fetish photographer Soul Focus has given to one of his iconic images taken whilst on his current European tour. It depicts three models sporting total latex enclosure teetering in precarious heels on a spiral staircase in a traditional apartment building tucked away somewhere in Ile-de-France. At the foot of the stairwell is a sign demanding “Essuyer Vos Pieds S.V.P!” or “Wipe your Feet Please!” Quite right too. Heaven can only speculate on what dirty pursuits those killer 6 inchers have been party to.

fi icarus purpleSo why does he tease so, comparing the latexed ladies to chickens in a coop, the big Ozzie galah that he is?! Maybe it’s because all three are wearing key pieces from the new latex accessories collection by MissOlympia: “Icarus” inspired epaulette collars and gauntlets available now to order through Etsy.
In the “Icarus” range, each item is exquisitely hand crafted and adorned with hand cut latex feather embellishments; so less of the Chicken Licken associations, more Black Swan allegories thank you Mister Soul Focus! Luckily we’re all friends here. If only Icarus himself had been blessed with latex feathers such as these beauties fashioned by MissOlympia on his doomed escape flight from Crete…

rachel no head mermaid

The magical, mythical world of MissOlympia creations continues with her latex Mermaid collar. Forget machine cutting, each circular scale of this piscine influenced collar is cut by hand, resulting in an object of beauty which is phenomenally detailed and elaborate. This chimerical, fantastical piece is the stuff of visions and hallucinogens, a million mirrored discs all to dazzle and mesmerise the eye.

rachel lace

Still more intricate work is order of the day with MissOlympia’s Rubber Fringed collar and gauntlets, incorporating elegant and dainty laser cut latex lacework at the throat and fringed décolletage accessory. The wearer will remain seductively arcane and perplexing underneath the mystery of the latex fringing.

rachel cheetahUnleash the enigmatic man-eater within you with the fancy, flirty appliquéd Cheetah design neckerchief. Rizzo, Frenchy and Marty wouldn’t dare mess with such a discerning, esoteric hepcat as you while you are wearing this fabulous entity. Beauty school dropout I don’t think so!

MissOlympia with her latex designs soars closer to the sun than Icarus should ever have dared. Beauty and originality of this calibre is a force to be reckoned with.

Latex by MissOlympia. Photography by soulfocusstudio.

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