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The Ultimate Heavy Rubber Book by MARQUIS on Jun6 14

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The Ultimate Heavy Rubber Book by MARQUIS

Peter W. Czernich, who is behind MARQUIS, is currently running a crowd funding campaign for a hardcover printed book called “The Ultimate Heavy Rubber Book”! This epic book contains the very best of the best of Peter’s latex fetish photography from over 20 years of shooting, for both MARQUIS and HEAVY RUBBER magazines. They were […]

Michelle Mildenhall – God Save the (latex) Queen on Aug1 13

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Michelle Mildenhall – God Save the (latex) Queen

Which idiosyncrasy would you say epitomises Grande Bretagne :  a blustery July afternoon by the seaside (I happen to be looking out the window right now…); a belligerent Basil Fawlty avoiding mentioning “the War”; an ancient law allowing a pregnant lady to pee in a constable’s helmet (that’s right – Google it…)? I’d say it […]

Panda Sexpress by Steve Diet Goedde on Apr21 13

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“Panda Sexpress” by Steve Diet Goedde from stevedietgoedde on Vimeo.

Fetish Photography by Peter W. Czernich on Oct25 12

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Fetish Photography by Peter W. Czernich

Peter W. Czernich is one of our most famous and influential fetish photographers has just published a new fetish photography book. Czernich, how originally was a graphic artist and editor of a fetish magazine, started photographing fetish models in the late 80ies and the new book is a summary of his work, mainly from the […]

Latex Couture Barbie Goes Charity on Jun24 12

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Latex Couture Barbie Goes Charity

Berlin based latex manufacturer Très Bonjour got the chance to dress up a true V.I.P. as part of a charity project! In a very spontaneous collaboration with TUSH Magazine, Très Bonjour design team created the worlds finest latex couture Barbie for the charity project “Design with Barbie”. Several prominent people from the fashion industry, as […]

The Art of Fetish-Ginkgo on Jan13 12

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The Art of Fetish-Ginkgo

Fetish-Ginkgo is a self-taught French female fetish artist. She first started drawing manga heroines with large stylized eyes and then moved towards to a style more comics with super heroines with perfectly muscular bodies in their tight outfits. Today her work has matured, and the style is refined and detailed and has become semi realistic. […]

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