3xL by Maxime AvetLust, Love & Latex was started by 3xL, tuesday on the 17’th of September in 2002. What started out as a personal weblog devoted to latex fetishism, fashion, news and culture in general quickly grew in popularity and grew into what you see today.

3xL is a Copenhagen based latex fetishist and author of the book RubberLife. He writes about latex fetishism, the fetish community and his personal experiences.

The goal is to motivate, educate and share about the wonders of latex and to show outsiders that latex is a fun and creative lifestyle!

Past contributors:

SpikeyO is keeping it real and rubbery down here in tropical Brighton. A lover of haute couture garments made of rubber. Oh yes, and a self confessed rubber poseur. I`m not saying I have it, but I do like to flaunt it and watch others flaunt it too.

Speedoguru is a Canadian rubberman living in Vancouver. He writes about rubber fetishism in the gay community, rubber events, and his personal experiences.

Betty La Bamba is a latex fashion consultant, a photography and film student, and an all-around anxious artist/dilettante/flaneur. Her favorite color is shiny and she likes dogs, pirates, zombies, sarcasm, old stuff, and beer.

JadeVixen is an American fetish model and latex lover. She writes about latex fetish fashion.

Jackson Rocco is rubber-loving fetish writer, photographer and consultant based in Brighton and Hove, England. He brings humour, humanism and a unique take on proceedings, be it international events or local munches.

Ms. Marina Black is a Toronto-based dominatrix (professional and lifestyle), priestess, body piercer and aromatherapy product developer – not necessarily in that order – with a passion for latex and female domination.

MissFuzzyBunny is a latex loving American expat living in Copenhagen. Her passions include deeply roasted coffee, good beer, travel and new discoveries.

Andre Abramowitz is living in Washington Heights. When he is not writing about fetish stuff, he can be found writing obsessively about baseball, cooking Latin cuisine, planning for the collapse of modern civilization.

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