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by 3xL | Print the article | on Jun 30 10

Check out this trailer from an upcoming Japanese movie called Rubbers. It’s an erotic drama about the relationship between a girl who has a latex fetish and regular guy who don’t like latex at all…. Sounds strange? I know!

How cool is that? Please leave your comments. Personally, I can’t wait to watch it!


  1. Anna RoseJune 30th

    I don’t know – It seems really well edited and to be a very good movie :-)

  2. PhilJuly 1st

    Well, I know where I’ll be the 10th of July. Now just convincing my wife to join me. (it looks as if the guy learns to live with Latex, so a movie with a good ending :) )

  3. tamiJuly 1st

    I’m looking forward to seeing this. :D

  4. Latexgoth666July 1st

    Well, it looks really great. I would ove this for our film festival in Nuremberg in November http://www.bdsm-franken.de/inhalt/veranstalt.htm . Do you have any further contacts.

  5. robrubberJuly 1st

    WOW! I want to see this movie!

    Twenty minutes of intensive Googling have yielded zero details, however. Can anybody post further information about this film?


  6. PierreJuly 2nd

    Gostei muito do filme

  7. PierreJuly 2nd

    Na verdade gostei foi da roupa de látex

  8. EllendylJuly 2nd

    She’d really chlorinate her rubber, that could turn a “no” to a “yes” quite easily (tested multiple times)

  9. AlphaxJuly 2nd

    You could try reading the movie’s official website posted in the youtube page http://ameblo.jp/rubbersmovie/

    It’ll be in theaters in Japan on 7/11 and on DVD on 7/23 for Y3990 http://www.amg-films.jp/item_detail/itemId,303/

  10. PhilJuly 2nd

    After doing some basic reseach, i.e. reading the official blog/website, I found out a bit more about the movie.

    First of all, the story:
    It’s a basic love story, as basic as they can get. Girl is. Happy in her current life, has everything she needs (in her case her rubber), cue handsome guy upsetting the status quo. Off course they fall for each other, but nothing ever goes smooth right from the start in movies (or real life for that matter). He has a hard time accepting her latex fetish…

    That’s the basic story. 

    The movie is released by a rather small label, and it’ll only be screened in a theater where they show a lot of alternative movies. To make things worse, it’ll  only be shown for 3 days. 

    Some fun trivia: the actress didn’t even know about latex fetishes until a few months ago, when she was casted for the movie. She thinks it’s a rather intriguing world, with a lot more depth than you’d give it at first glance. 
    The title of the movie, ????/rabbaazu or Rubbers actually has a double meaning in Japanese. The title also means “lovers”. Nice play on words. The real japanese word for rubber is ??/gomu, which I suppose comes from German. 

    I’m planning to go watch it next week, so I might get some more info if anyone would still be interested. 

  11. DanaJuly 2nd

    I hope the film is better than the how the trailer comes off, like a bunch of lame-assed vanillas fumbling around in an area they have no experience in. There’s this multi-trillion dollar medium called THE INTERNET where you can find compatible people with a matching level of experience and interest.

  12. PhilJuly 2nd

    Dana, this is a movie for a vanilla public, not for die-hard rubberists…

    You’d scare off a vanilla public with a portrayal of someone who’s hard into rubber.

    Guessing from the trailer, it looks like a very standard Japanese low-budget movie, with an interesting twist (the rubber-fetish twist). You shouldn’t expect too much from it, but it might be a good way to introduce vanilla people to a rubber-fetish without any of the scary aspects (BDSM, full enclosure, breathplay,…)
    Look at pictures of a random fetish event, you’d scare a lot of vanilla people with that. It looks quite intimidating. This movie on the other hand tells the story of a girl who makes lunchboxes for a living… A lot more accessible for average Joe I’d say :)

  13. MarkusJuly 2nd

    Alphax do you know whether there are english subtitles?
    the film is only shown for 3 days, what a waste, hope it comes to europe/germany

  14. ObserverJuly 2nd

    I’m intrigued, but it’s a shame there aren’t any subtitles… it’s kind of hard to really understand the film’s message without them.

  15. DanaJuly 2nd

    The contrast here is how a woman’s sex life is treated compared to the male lead in the film Air Doll, about a widower whose blow up doll that he uses comes to life during the day. His fetish is OK, even though he uses it as a crutch to not really deal with his grief, but she is silly and immature and needs rescuing. We yanks have no monopoloy on sexism it seems.

  16. SamanthaJuly 3rd

    If only they would make a latex Hello Kitty.

  17. GarlorJuly 3rd

    good to show the other side , that is a female into rubber matched with a guy who has a dislike.Perhaps this will underline a fact that there are compatible partners out there if you are prepared to search, but try not to settle for a partner where you have to hide part of yourself.
    looking forward to the movie, I enjoy oriental love stories.

  18. latexninjaJuly 3rd

    I can’t wait to see it, it looks great.

  19. Alexander HornJuly 8th

    I personally know a couple where she is a latex fetishist and he is not. She has tried to convince him but to no avail. He hates it. Seems this movie has a similar story – hopefully with a happy end. ;-)

    And a word to “Dana”:
    Why don’t you wait and watch the movie before bashing it on all available levels?! You come off as slightly immature and hostile.

  20. Latex ConservativeJuly 11th

    Perhaps another depth note to this film, just by the trailer alone, is her reaction to his actions in trying to take her latex off. Like a twisted play on some BDSM fiction, or one of a number of countless scenes from hentai toons, she acts and sounds off as if she’s being raped.

    Another way to look at it: it’s like those stories where the submissive is made/forced/coerced to wear the latex, but here it’s flipped around to where he’s trying to make her/force her/ coerce her to become vanilla, or at least bare more of herself.

    It’s a bit ironic in that.

  21. ObserverJuly 11th

    @Samantha: Well, kink engineering made a hello kitty vac-bed, does that count? :D

    @Latex Conservative – very good point

  22. Latex ConservativeJuly 15th

    @Observer – Thank you. Pun intended, I just had to point out that there are more “layers” to this movie than just what the female protagonist has on. ;)

  23. BondAugust 8th

    Ah.. I watch the movie on DVD. pretty rubbery and sexy catsuit

  24. 3xLAugust 8th

    @Bond: Great! Where did you brought the DVD? I really want to see it.

  25. DanaFebruary 12th

    This should be out on DVD now and I have a code free player, so I’ll have a look. I’ve heard it isn’t a complete mess, so will have a look.

  26. Kim KFebruary 14th

    I agree, there is something called “Hello Kinky”, though ….
    Latex Conservative:
    I agree, too.
    The thing is, those parts actually makes it a bit more “hardcore”, not in how physically advanced it is, but in how emotionally advanced it is.

  27. KinkyneerJanuary 20th

    Did this DVD ever make it to Europe or ‘west’. And if so is there subtitles available?

    Further where can I get it?

    gazillion thanks!

  28. 3xLJanuary 20th

    I think that you can watch it online. Search for “Rabâzu: Oou onna” and you will be sure to find it. Don’t know if there are English sub available.

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