Boys in Latex:

by 3xL | Print the article | on Dec 30 06

If you are into boys playing in latex, then you better to check out!

It’s a cool free site there is all about viewing and sharing pictures of men in fetish gear – Latex, rubber, leather, uniforms, cock sheaths, underwear, etc.

The site can be used for free, but does require that you register yourself and to contunie to use the site you are encouraged to share your own fetish photos or spread the word about the site.

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  1. boundinrubberDecember 30th

    Thanks for sharing this, if i might say if you enjoy that site be sure to check out GearFetish and RubberZone as well. Both will have more photo of rubber then this site and as well are free to use with minor restrictions.

  2. Mr. XDecember 30th

    The site sucks you have to upload lots of pictures to see pictures, when you registre you have like 10points to see pictures for. Crappy

  3. AnonymousJanuary 1st

    Not too bad. It is a shame that it has so many pics of gay men performing.

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