Super Sexy Villainous Bianca Beauchamp

by 3xL | Print the article | on Jul 29 10

Polymorphe just launched a sexy photo & video ad campaign featuring latex fetish icon Bianca Beauchamp as Crimson, the vibrant latex assassin she plays in the upcoming web series Heroes of The North. Photos will be published in print medias, such as the upcoming comic book adaptation of the web series.

Polymorphe created the latex wardrobe for the superheroes and villains in the web series by Movie Seals Productions.


  1. GarlorJuly 30th

    She needs to heed the warning from The Incredibles, capes are no longer safe for super heroes.

  2. WOW. they did a really good job on that video! :) i still need to see the all-access 2, and 3 if there is one. i want to go to fetish fest some day! :) <3 the post, thank you!

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