List of Christmas Latex Shopping Bargains 2013 on Nov29 13

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wish_you_a_nice__shiny_latex_christmas__by_theterrorcat-d5npbhoWow! Black Friday is tomorrow and Christmas is under a month away, yet again the online latex stores has some great offers and sales! I’m happy to present to you, my huge List of Christmas Latex Shopping Bargains 2013! Let the holiday latex shopping madness begin! get a nice discount on my popular latex fetish guide book - RUBBER LIFE! Use the coupon code “LATEXXMAS2013” (exp. 24. Dec.) for 25% OFF when ordering the digital versions of the book (ebook or audio book). got a 20% OFF sale for any purchases over $75 in store, runs from Black Friday to Monday night. is having a CAT SUIT SPECIAL OFFER that will last until the end of November. gives you 35% OFF all week end until Dec. 1. Use the coupon Code “VEXXO30“. has a black friday EXTRA 10% OFF until Dec. 1. has 20% OFF on underwear, shorts, tops, buttoms, suits and sports until Nov. 30.

SimonO has a special 20% SALE to all latex leggings for women. Use this link for a 20% voucher, only until 30. Nov. 2013 is doing a special sale too! Use code “WEBSITE15” before the 30th Nov. for 15% OFF. has a Spend more, Save more deal and 20% OFF on sex toys! is offering you a 25% OFF until Dec. 1. Quote “SNTA25” + SAVE 10% on Selected Catsuits and Dresses. has a “Black RUBBER Friday” with amazing deals throughout the store! Ends Dec. 1. have 20% OFF for Christmas! are running a 50% OFF christmas sale from today (29th nov) until midnight on Dec. 9th. 10% OFF on all latex clothing and accessories! Limited Time #BlackFriday offer. has a CHRISTMAS SPECIAL!  All latex sheeting reduced! Sales starts 27th of Nov. and ends on the 31st of Dec. or until stock is sold out!

If you got a sale or discount that should be on this list, mail me or leave a comment!


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  1. 1 Caz on November 29, 2013 12:56 am

    Hi, We at have 20% off for Christmas

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