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by SpikeyO | Print the article | on Feb 26 12

I said to Kim RUB at the ‘Back to School’ themed Club RUB event last September, “You’ve been doing very successful Master Workshops for quite some time now Kim. Have you ever thought about maybe a Mistress Workshop?” She peered at me and retorted, “Surely YOU don’t need any help in THAT department!” “Um..,” I stuttered, “…well, I can assure you that if you ever do decide to run one, you can count on me being there!”

And there I was, 5 months later, in a front row pew, an eager participant on the maiden voyage of Miss Kim’s Mistress Workshop (held in a secret location in East London). And as it turned out, myself and my fetish buddy Biwitched were lucky to even get a place on the list. The room was packed with a female menagerie of likeminded kinksters: housewives who had discovered after years of marriage that they shared the same fetish of forced feminisation with their cross dressing husbands; your common or garden Fetlife pervert like yours truly; and even those in the virgin stages of thinking about a career as a pro-domme.

What followed was 4 solid hours worth of informative, entertaining, knowledgeable, light hearted talk and discussion, punctuated by practical demonstrations of erotic spanking and Japanese rope bondage. For the spanking session, we were treated to the delicious sight of Miss Kim herself going to town on the sweet rump of her young assistant Charlie. Then the king of Shibari himself, Esinem, strolled in and proceeded to skilfully bind his sinewy model while she quietly slipped into subspace…not even a breath was felt in that roomful of strong minded women…no mean feat Esinem!

The whole afternoon was (masterfully!) executed by Miss Kim. She shared her 23 years of knowledge and experience in an open minded, sensitive, humorous and, above all, objective fashion. She certainly never pertained that her way was the right way, but rather encouraged each individual to find their own direction with, of course, more than a few pointers and words of advice to help achieve successful and mutually fulfilling domination!

Kim also shared her infamous bank of 100 Kinky Tips with us, her novices. Don’t even think about trying to prise any out of us though. Like a Wonka Golden Ticket, we swore to keep them close to our chests.

And then of course there’s our homework assignment to complete… A Mistress’ work is never done!

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  1. JosephineSeptember 4th

    Hi Kim I immensely enjoyed last Saturday Mistress workshop. It was very well structured. It was filled with creative and useful tools on how to become a Pro-Dom. I have now a better understanding of the different categories of Mistresses, Slaves and Submissive type of individual. Another highlight of the session was the two demonstrations. I found The rope Bondage demo very skilful and the spanking quite Exotic LOL…I highly recommend this beginner Mistress Workshop to any lady out there initiating in this wonderful journey of becoming a Pro-Dom or who wishes to pleasure her partner with endless role plays. Whichever the reason for attending the workshop it will be beneficial for all the parties involve… Josephine

  2. AlexandraMarch 22nd

    Kim opened a new world for me. I can only recommend her course to get introduced into the amazing world of mistresses. Do it! but be aware….it takes you to a new dimension ;) xx

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