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by SpikeyO | Print the article | on Apr 24 13

GumiqueHe was getting married in the morning. Was he pressing his suit…? No. Was he checking he had the rings…? No. Was he rehearsing his speech…? No. Was he out with the proverbial “boys” on his stag night at a lap dancing club or rampaging through the streets wearing a traffic cone on his head…? I do hope not! Or rather he was at home beavering away to produce two stylish, well fitting and beautifully constructed matching latex hoods for myself and Rubberdude.

So who is “he”? On Fetlife his name is @Misosub and over the last 6 months me, Rubberdude and numerous other hood obsessed perves have been “loving” and commenting on his cool and original latex hood designs, modelled to perfection by his lustfully lovely (now) wife @Silence_K. A chance request from Rubberdude requesting to order two hoods led to the happy conclusion 48 hours or so later when the rubber bounty plopped through my letterbox. Yes, you read correctly, 48 hours for production and delivery of two perfect hoods from Poland to the UK. And yes, he really was getting married the next day!

We were very lucky to be the first rubber fetishists to ever receive hoods from @Misosub. Until this point, he had exclusively made them for himself and @Silence_K. And very happy, satisfied guinea pigs we were. A plethora of nagging ensued from our end for him to get a website going and start his business proper. Talent of this calibre should not be hidden under a bushel.

So now it is my very great pleasure to announce that the Gumique website is now live. It is my favourite website in the rubber universe! It’s so easy to navigate and offers a “Virtual Product Configurator”. This clever device allows you to totally customise your hood from the available options and see your choices visually represented on a virtual avatar of Silence_K. Utter genius and mind bogglingly addictive! Once you find your perfect hood you don’t want to have forgotten how the hell you configured it when you log off your computer. If you happen to have a goldfish brain like I do Gumique allows you to save your customised hood options for later by adding it to the shopping cart. You do need to have registered and logged in for this feature to work however. Also, when you are logged in you can use the “edit” button in the shopping cart to modify already added hoods. Did I mention this guy was a genius??

According to the website Gumique is offering:
• Free delivery
• Free made to measure
• Visual product configurator
• Fast dispatch
• Online order monitoring
• Free gift wrapping
• Highly customizable products

As well as latex hoods Gumique is hoping to eventually sell hats, corsets and other accessories.

Currently Gumique’s dispatch time is 1 week…; I suspect it won’t stay like that for too much longer as I’m sure they will be inundated very soon. Therefore I’d advise getting in there double quick before everyone else hears about this excellent new latex hood manufacturer.


  1. Dark -DsfMJuly 25th

    Indeed…. love his work… lucky you are!

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