Danish Fetish Hardcore: Tamed & Transformed!

by 3xL | Print the article | on Jan 22 09

Tamed & Transformed is a hardcore experimental journey into latex play, dominance and provocative on the edge extreme sex.

Denmark based fetish photographer and film director Sebastian Solo presents a seldom seen high quality sex production shot on location in Denmark with a cast of Danish, German and American talents in an attempt to bring the hardcore back to Danish porn.

Sebastian Solo – ”First and foremost I wanted to make a film that I wanted to see and would be turned on by. Taking my inspirations from my experiences in the European fetish club scene and real life fetishists, I have created what I think is an intelligent and provoking extreme sex film that is as real, honest and hardcore as it gets. The high production quality is something I take great pride in as I am tired of
seeing so many poorly produced films from Denmark” .

German porno extreme talent Annette Schwarz has the starring role in this film and in her 1 hour long submissive scene which is the highpoint of the film, she is thoroughly abused in every hole in more ways than one could imagine. Annette Schwarz delivers her twisted perverse sexuality in an authentic, beautiful and sensual way and shows us that she is an extreme woman who knows what she wants.

Sebastian Solo – ”Annette Schwarz was one of the main inspirations for me making this film. I miss authenticity in today’s porn actresses. They are for the most just too damn fake. But when I saw Annette I saw a unique, authentic, extremely nasty and beautiful girl and I said to myself, that I just had to work with her. When I shot the scene with Annette I was inspired by her performance and the rest of the film took shape from there. All of the talents in this film are all extraordinary, erotic, exhibitionistic sexual creatures that have inspired me in some way. I am just lucky I could talk them all into being in my film…”

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