Klawtex Violate Landlords Religious Beliefs

by 3xL | Print the article | on Jul 21 13


Klawdya Rothschild, the founder of the costume and couture company KLAWTEX that specializes in latex, has been denied a space at the popular art space “Shops at the Loom”, as the landlords decided her store was “too sexual” and “violating their religious beliefs,”. This happen after she paid a security deposit plus three months rent to the owners, money that she is still waiting to be returned to her.

Klawdya can’t believe what happened. “I’m well respected among local artists, and in major high end fashion. They just insisted I was opening a sex shop.” She continues “The concept of latex clothing is still considered trashy to some I suppose. I’m just confused because I have some major A list clients, and you would think they would want that in their space.”

It’s sad to see that this kind of religious prejudice is still striving in a modern city as New York. I really hope that Klawdya gets her money back and find a more open minded place to open her store.

If anyone know any good spaces for a latex store in N.Y. area, please contact Klawdya at: info@klawtex.com


  1. TomAugust 2nd

    Klawdya can presumably take refuge in exactly the same Constitutional Amendment (#1) protecting freedom of expression as well: its gist is that religion cannot oppress.

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