Rubber Life – is Live on Jan20 11

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I’m proud to announce that my ebook “Rubber Life” has been released! I’m so excited!


Violet Blue writes:

Rubber Life is the one book on latex and rubber to read. It goes on my permanent recommendation list.

The Fetishistas writes:

Rubber Life does largely live up to its cover-page blurb’s claim to be the ultimate beginner’s guide to the fascinating world of latex.

Liberator writes:

Living the latex lifestyle myself, I would gladly recommend this book, both to people who have never experienced or even heard of latex and to friends who are very experienced in the industry.  This book gets five out of five stars, and it is totally coffee table worthy, if/when the hard copy comes out.

KinkEngineering writes:

The e-book is true to it’s name as a PERFECT beginners guide to latex fetishism. A great overall review of what it is to be a latex fetishist, full of sound advice for the many MANY people out there who are wrestling with their internal desires for latex lifestyles of all sorts. writes:

Rest easy, weary traveller, for 3xL has witten the ultimate guide book to living a rubber life. It’s called, um, Rubber Life and it covers all these things and more! writes:

I really wish an all in one resource would have existed when Miss K and I were first starting out, it would have saved me the hassle of many mistakes as well as many hours of scouring forums.

Will post more reviews as they show up…


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  1. 2 redrub on January 22, 2011 4:07 pm

    Nice work. I’d love to see a print version…


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