Amazing Latex Ladies in 3D

by Jackson Rocco | Print the article | on Dec 20 09


With the slow-drip success of multiplex cinema 3D options for Superman Returns, Up and now Avatar it’s seems the world could now be ready to adopt the stereoscopic format. But what about its fetish potential?

Fetish scene photographer Mark Bennet has been working with video and still film 3D for over ten years and has now released some amazing results for latex fans – without the need for 3D glasses. Mark’s portfolio at boasts a series of stunning pictures of foxy 3D rubber clubbers. The effect is achieved by a camera that shoots through two lenses eye-wide apart, simultaneously (while having a glamorous fetish girl stand in front of course).

Mark’s upgrade to the 120mm format, a resolution twice that of IMAX, has resulted in commissions from Turner prize-winner Keith Tyson and the Covent Garden-based Saco hair salon, plus he has captured Anish Kapoor’s ‘Dismemberment of Jeanne d’Arc’ and renowned Lewes firework night procession in Sussex, England, also viewable in his collection.

Mark is also the man behind Black Ice webzine and currently can be seen snapping for Torture Garden.


  1. Mark BennettJanuary 1st

    Just added Britne the Rubber Doll in 3D to the same collection.

    Shot Steampunks on Monday and a few added in the other folder The main steampunk event is this Saturday at the Malborough pub with a market in the afternoon and party in the evening.


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