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by Jade Vixen | Print the article | on Dec 18 10

Libidex Instant OrderLondon latex designer Libidex is now offering “Instant Order”, a service that allows the customer to select from a limited range of the most popular items that are available for rapid delivery. “Instant Order”  is an additional page on the Libidex site with a list of the current in-stock designs.

It appears to be a very basic selection of stockings, hoods, catsuits, and underwear for both men and women. The color and sizes are limited and mostly black, but if you need a black catsuit in a pinch, this is probably the place to get one! The inventory is updated very frequently.

Now it is possible to experience Libidex quality garments without the wait for manufacturing or made to measure, if you’re not after a custom or elaborate design. Libidex promises to “take the waiting out of wearing” with this new service.

There is also a 30% off promotion on the “Instant Order” items as well!

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