10 Years Anniversary of Lust, Love & Latex

by 3xL | Print the article | on Sep 17 12

On exactly this day, ten years ago, I decided to make this blog. Little did I know that this decision would catapult me into the unknown and change my life forever.

I was so innocent back then. Yes, I knew about my fetish, but I did not understand why I had it and what it really meant to me. I just knew that something was missing in my life and I had to find it. After spending months and months reading about other peoples issues on various latex fetish forums, I finally realized that what I needed was to share my fetish for latex with others and especially the one closest to me, my (former) wife.

But how can you explain something that you don’t understand yourself? What if I was wrong? What if she did not accept me? I needed advice, I needed clarity, I needed help. If only I could reach out to those who shared my fetish for latex, maybe there was someone who could show me the way. So I decided to make a blog, which would be my window and eventually doorway to another world.

Today, that day seems a lifetime away. So much has changed since then. Some changes were easy to overcome, others came with a price. Along the way I found myself, a new confidence, close friends and true love. I’m sure that there are still many more good things to come… things that I will share with you, right here on this very blog.

As a wise man once said… “It’s the Journey, not the destination!”

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  1. CraigSeptember 17th

    Congratulations! Thanks for the past ten years and I’m looking forward to the next ten!

  2. 3xLSeptember 17th

    Thank you, Craig! I’m positive that you also had quite a journey, yourself.

  3. LatexSeptember 18th

    I’ve had the pleasure to follow your site and have to write it’s been really nice with your open and informative attitude and lifestyle!!

    So thanks for everything, and looking forward to the coming ten years!! ;D


  4. 3xLSeptember 18th

    Thanks for your support latex!

  5. HansSeptember 18th

    Well done!

  6. Pierre MartinsSeptember 18th

    I love látex and pvc shiny!!!

  7. Miss Viki SecretsSeptember 19th

    Congrats! I really enjoy your blog! Looking forward to your upcoming latex fetish stories :P

  8. 3xLSeptember 19th

    Then you have come to the right place, Pierre. :)

  9. 3xLSeptember 19th

    Thank you Hans!

  10. 3xLSeptember 19th

    Thanks Miss Viki! I’m also looking forward continue my exploration of the latex fetish realm. :)

  11. TySeptember 19th

    Wow I have been a fan with you for around 10 years. Time does fast. 3XL you have helped me so much with your struggles and achievements. I have watched you write doing the Ok times, the bad times, and the really good times. And like you have I have had those times as well. When you wrote about a situation I felt it because I was going through a similar situation. Even though we are oceans apart you will have a fan for life. From a quote from my favorite movie Shawshank Redemption ..”
    ” It comes down to a simple choice, get busy living or get busy dying.”

    Congrats on a job well done …. Holla

  12. DanaSeptember 20th


  13. Alexander HornSeptember 20th

    Congratulations, Rasmus! You are a great guy and I love it that everything turned out good for you. You deserve it. Keep up the good work!

  14. AlSeptember 24th

    A little late to this one, but congrats on reaching 10 years of this blog! You’re an inspiration to us all.

  15. 3xLSeptember 25th

    Thank you Al. It really means a lot to me to hear that.

  16. 3xLSeptember 25th

    Danke Alex!

  17. the QracksSeptember 25th

    Also a bit behind on the date …

    but congratulations with your 10th !!

    We hope you will enjoy the journey ahead and your fellow travellers.
    We too – as a couple – found inspiration in things you wrote (or questionned).

    (no website, but part of our story is on FL)

  18. Lara Latex DeluxeSeptember 29th


    congratulations!!! Please give us 10 more years some fantastic latex stuff :-)

    Much Love

  19. Tony SmithOctober 2nd

    Happy anniversary Rasmus!! Lust,Love,Latex is always my first port of call for the latest news in the wonderful world of latex. Always fresh, always funky, here’s to the next 10 years and the next 10 and the next 10!

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