The End of 3xL: Lust, Love & Latex is Near!

by 3xL | Print the article | on Sep 7 08

rubberguyTake a good look around, all that you see here will be gone in approximately 24 hours. Yes, it’s the end of “3xL: Lust, Love & Latex!” as you know it!

By tomorrow night, a new and redesigned “Lust, Love & Latex” will be launched in all it’s latex pride and glory! Look forward to it… and please have patience while we work on the server and install the exciting new features!


  1. ColatexSeptember 8th

    Love the new look. Its fantastic. Great job!

  2. 3xLSeptember 8th

    Thank you, but we are not finished yet. There are more to come.

  3. RalfSeptember 14th

    Wow 3xL you and your dev crew did a great job!

    Very nice “polished” design – my complimnets to that step!

    Greetings from Berlin

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