Restore “Preaching to the Perverted” to Full Glory

by 3xL | Print the article | on Apr 5 13

PREACHING-TO-THE-PERVERTEDStuart Urban who is behind the 1997’s cult classic “Preaching to the Perverted”, has launched a project on Kickstarter to restore the 35mm original and remaster the film – the first mainstream film set squarely in the fetish scene. The aim is to raise £18,000 for the film to be preserved, reach a wider audience on HD and produce a new documentary about the making of the film.

I backed the project as soon as I heard about it. “Preaching to the Perverted” is one of my favorite films and I would be very sad to see it fade away!

So get involved now! Rewards and prizes are coming from Jed Phoenix of London, Coffee Cake & Kink, Madame Caramel, Mistress Velour, and many more.

Hurry up and back this “Kinkstarter”…

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